7 Essential Tips on How to Dress Your Child for an Audition

how to pick the right outfit for an audition

You applied your little star to a casting call, the casting director liked your kid, and, after a quick call, you were invited to the audition! Fantastic! And now that the big day has arrived, you suddenly realize – wait, what should my child wear to an audition?

Should I dress them in formal wear? It’s a big day, after all. Or perhaps make them wear a costume that fits the role they’re auditioning for? That way the casting director will immediately understand what they’ll look like on set. Spoiler alert – neither. 

Every parent has struggled with this question, especially when starting out. To make your life easier, here are 7 essential tips from casting professionals on how to dress for an audition. 

1. Let’s talk colors

The single most important rule for this – don’t wear white. Why? Because you’ll blind the camera! Your goal is to put the focus on your kid’s face and a blinding shirt will do the opposite. 

Try to stay away from black clothes, as well. Your kid may look like a rockstar in all-black, but it’ll do you no favors at an audition because black clothes are famously bad at accentuating looks. Quite the opposite – they downplay them. That’s why everyone looks kind of good in black

So with black & white out of the picture, what colors should you opt for? Anything else works, really. Some brighter colors might help your kid stand out from the crowd. At the same time, if you’ve got a shy kid, then dressing them in bright neon pink might not make much sense, since your child will simply look out of place. 

You can’t go wrong with light blue. It’s the color that gets cast most often, so a simple blue shirt might be all that’s required. 

At the end of the day, finding what your kid looks best in is the ideal scenario. Don’t hesitate to get input from family & friends and find the look that works for your kid. 

what to wear to a kids audition

2. Solids or patterns? 

Yes. Either is fine. Although we’d suggest you go for solids, as you can’t go wrong with them. Patterns, on the other hand, are fine as long as it’s nothing overbearing and too colorful. Try to avoid anything too flowery, or with high contrast as that becomes distracting. 

What you should absolutely avoid, however, are logos, cartoon characters, lots of text or anything else that takes focus away from your kid. 

dressing kid for audition

3. Wear comfortable clothes

Comfortable clothes don’t mean coming in slippers and pajamas. We’re talking about clothes that your kid feels comfortable in, as long as they’re appropriate. If your child has a favorite shirt or pair of pants, then letting them wear that to the audition can put them at ease and add a little familiarity to an otherwise intimidating situation. If they feel comfortable, they’re more likely to let their full personality shine through, which is exactly what the casting director wants to see

Consider letting your kid dress themselves, if that helps! But make sure the resulting outfit isn’t a cacophony of bad taste. 

4. Age-appropriate clothing

It’s an audition for kids. Things like politics, sexualized clothing, or strong language need to stay at home. You might think your kid looks cute in his or her “Trump 2020” or “Biden 2020” shirt, but the casting directors won’t. These types of clothes just signal to the casting director that you might be difficult to work with as a parent, as you’re very opinionated. There’s nothing wrong with being opinionated, but there’s a time and place for that, and your kid’s audition isn’t it. 

5. No accessories! 

what should my child wear to an audition

Your kid looks stylish with Gucci sunglasses? Doesn’t matter. Keep the sunglasses at home. You think a big gold chain or a nice handbag gives your kid personality? Not at an audition they don’t. The only thing accessories achieve is distraction. 

And you don’t want the casting director distracted – you want their full attention on your kid. Not thinking about how tacky that huge leather bracelet looks.

No extra accessories! 

6. Should I put makeup on my child for audition day? 

It’s a difficult question, but the rule of thumb is to try to avoid it. Some casting directors are categorically against it, while others don’t mind it that much, as long as it looks natural. 

Definitely avoid anything over the top, like colorful eyeshadow, or, God forbid, full-on face paint. Most productions have their own makeup team that makes sure your kid looks the part. These teams usually aren’t present at auditions and there’s a reason for that – there’s no need! So keep that in mind and never go full Picasso on your kid’s face before an audition

Check out this article where we go in-depth about makeup for kids auditions

7. Use what works! 

As you attend more auditions and try different outfits, you’ll notice that some things work. If your kid gets a lot of positive feedback when wearing a specific outfit, keep it in mind and re-use it for other auditions! 

Actors, like a lot of pro athletes, are superstitious folk. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in lucky charms or not. Making your kid wear their “lucky pants” for an audition can make them feel like a million bucks and help your child act more confident during the audition! 

Now I’m an expert on what should my child wear to an audition, right?

These are all general guidelines. If the casting director specifically requests that your kid comes dressed, for example, in a costume, then you should follow directions and do what they say. 

At the end of the day, while the right attire is definitely something to use to your advantage, it’s all about your kid. The perfect clothes won’t get you the role if your kid bombs the audition. On the flip side, even an awkwardly dressed kid can charm a casting director. 

Then again, what your kid is wearing and what they look like will be the very first thing that the casting director notices, and we all know first impressions matter A LOT.

You should definitely give some attention to what should your child wear to an audition, but don’t forget about learning the lines well, or making sure your kid is mentally prepared for the audition. 

Now the ball is in your court! Keep these tips in mind and fingers crossed your kid ACES THAT AUDITION! 

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