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Acting and Modeling: Just a Phase?

Acting and modeling can be a fun and beneficial hobby for kids of various ages. Such creative activities play an extremely important role in child’s development. Introducing your child to acting and modeling can not only become their favorite new hobby, but it can give them important and useful skills that they will have for the rest of their life. For example, elevate their confidence, be a great tool for self-expression and introduce them to many new friendships.

But-how-to-know-whether-a-creative-hobby-is-your-childs- true passion

But how does one know whether a creative hobby is their child’s true passion? As parents, we want strictly the best for our kids. That includes nurturing and elevating their talents, making sure that they take the right steps to become the most successful versions of themselves in the future. Here are several questions parents should ask themselves to help recognize, which hobby is their child’s true passion, and what is just a fleeting interest.

Is their passion consistent

Is their passion consistent?

As kids grow up, they go through different phases, and their interest may change drastically. When you were little, your probably had a very abstract vision of your future career: to be president, a NASA engineer, or a famous pop star. But some kids carry on their passion as they grow up. The tough part is to differentiate passion from just a phase. It’s even harder to do so with acting because acting seems like a fun game of make-believe. What child doesn’t love that?

However, acting, as well as modeling, are a serious musty-billion dollar business that requires determination, hard work, as well as a certain level of talent. It’s important to evaluate the consistency of your child’s passion. Is it just an interest or something more serious?

How to recognize that it's not just a phase

How to recognize true passion:

To recognize whether or not your child is truly passionate about his or her artistic endeavors, you have to pay attention: do they love to perform in front of an audience, (whether the audience is their friends, relatives, or even a selection of their favorite toys)? Do they ask to pose for a photo any chance they get? If your child is truly passionate about acting, modeling or performing, you’ll know it because they’ll be interested in every opportunity that has to do with it acting: modeling contests, school plays, community theater, local acting group etc.

To evaluate your child’s interest and decide whether pricy acting/modeling/singing classes and camps will be worth it in the long run, listen to them and see what they’re doing to pursue their dream. Are they looking into auditioning for a school play? Do they ask about how to become a model/actor/singer? Do their eyes light up when given an opportunity to perform?

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