How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids

  1. Create a Topic for a Kids YouTube Channel.
  2. Important Rules and Requirements from YouTube for Video Content for Kids.
  3. What you should Prepare to Create Videos on the YouTube Channel for Children.
  4. How to promote a channel for children on YouTube.

Create a Topic for a Kids YouTube Channel

You’ve probably heard that some of the most highly paid YouTubers are kids. And wow, this sounds so fascinating, right? Nowadays, almost everyone has access to the Internet; this is why creating content for them is such a booming topic.

So let’s talk about it. Youtube blog is a great hobby; it encourages creativity, boosts skills, and might even bring your kids some first earnings. And actually can be the first acting experience for your kid that can be later included in their portfolio.

To start a youtube blog, your kid first needs to have a BIG IDEA. Or, in other words, what will their channel be about? This can be the hardest part, so focusing on one big topic is the best approach. For example, “toy unpacking” is among the most popular topics on youtube.

To help you with this decision, you can look through the most-viewed children’s videos for inspiration. For instance, the most popular video on ALL Youtube space is BABY SHARK children dance. Watch it with your kid and let them select the channel’s topic on their own.

Important Rules and Requirements from YouTube for Video Content for Kids

However, there are some important things to remember!

First, know the platform rules! YouTube doesn’t allow children under 13 to create accounts. A child between 13-17 needs parental permission before starting the channel.

Second, privacy in 2022 is essential. You MUST educate your children on Internet Safety before uploading any video featuring them to a public platform for the world to see.

What you should Prepare to Create Videos on the YouTube Channel for Children

Okay, so now, when you’ve found your niche and are aware of the rules, you need to plan your videos. Plan things like what camera and lighting will be used, what space you will set up for your kid, and will it be indoor filming or outdoor. Who will be editing and optimizing the video, and how? Would it require an extra budget, a different location, or another person in the video, or not?

Let’s say it straight – this isn’t an easy job! The audience is spoiled and demands content with the best quality, sounds, and visuals, especially for kids who love to see bright images, cartoon characters, sound effects, etc.

How to promote a channel for children on YouTube

Finally, it’s not enough to just create videos and hope people will randomly find them. You have to do some “marketing.” That means sharing and promoting the YouTube channel online & offline: in your kid’s school, classes, and other blogs, there are even some events like conferences for bloggers. So make sure to get the grips of the industry.

On, we have many opportunities, including being featured on some of the famous blogger’s channels, trying out modeling for commercials, and even becoming screen actors. It’s always great to boost your child’s creativity through entertaining activities like blogging, modeling, and acting projects. So try it now and apply for the most exciting projects!

P. S. One great idea for the blog – “path of starting kid’s acting career with no previous experience”

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