How to Start Making Healthier Choices, Today!

Living a healthier lifestyle can seem like an overwhelming task these days. With the overflow of information online, it’s hard to keep up with various wellness trends, especially if you’re a new parent and your priority is to keep your child safe and healthy. We’ve rounded up 3 easy steps you can take to keep yourself and your little one healthy and happy!

Snack better

Getting kids to trade chips and chocolate bars for healthier snack options isn’t an easy feat, but it’s an important one. Healthy and nutritious snacks in between meals help to keep up energy level as well as decrease your hunger and keep you from overeating at mealtime. However, a handful of almonds is not the most exciting thing to see in your lunchbox. Here’s where Healthy Living Kids comes in — a monthly subscription box filled with healthy yet exciting snacks for toddlers and kids. Not only that, there are toys, books, art, and activity supplies — a selection of tools to promote active minds and bodies as well as healthy eating! Plus, they have gluten and nut-free options, too! Learn more HERE!

Go organic

In the US, there are thousands of untested and unregulated chemicals in our everyday products, from dishwashing liquid to personal hygiene products. Scary, right? But how do you keep your family, especially your little one, safe from these harmful toxins? Today, there are several companies that are dedicated to educating and providing safe, toxin-free alternatives to everyday products. One of them is Sprout San Francisco, a company that specializes in baby products that are natural, organic, and free from toxins. Their collection includes baby and toddler clothing, toys, furniture, gear, personal care, and cleaning products, nursing and feeding supplies, and all the health care essentials — literally everything you need to take care of your family and household. Learn more HERE!

Save time (and money!) with subscription services

Continuing the theme of safe everyday products, let’s talk about diapers! Sadly, some disposable diapers on the market contain harmful chemicals that not only give rashes but can also present health hazards should they be absorbed into the baby’s body. So choosing a brand that is not only safe but also the best choice financially (as a newborn goes through 2,500–3,000 diapers in their first year) is crucial to new parents. Here’s where organic diaper subscription websites come in handy! Our favorite is Made Of, dedicated to providing new parents with simple, organic-first, and safe everyday baby products, such as diapers and baby wipes while creating a consistent shopping experience without exploiting their pockets and time! Learn more about Made Of HERE!

We get it, raising a family is a juggling act. So often we’re trying to do a million things at once, and finding the best and healthiest choice can get pretty overwhelming. We hope our little round-up of eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle-promoting companies can serve as a starting point for a more eco-conscious life!

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