How to Succeed With KidsCasting

Do you believe you are raising a future star? Or has your kid showed interest in performing? In either case, it is good to try acting, modeling, dancing or other forms of performance for yourself to see what it’s like. To do so, there are certain steps that need to be taken to break into the industry. KidsCasting offers everything your kid needs to kickstart an entertainment career.

Follow the steps below, and you too will join the successful bunch who have participated in awesome projects found through KidsCasting.

Create a KidsCasting profile

A membership profile on KidsCasting is the way to start. Access more than 1500 casting calls for acting and modeling projects across the U.S. and submit your kid to unlimited opportunities! KidsCasting profile also gives your kid an opportunity to get discovered by top casting professionals and modeling agencies who are looking for talent through our website. Learn all about the entertainment industry and the tools needed to succeed with our Video Vault and Parent Academy.

Upload headshots

This you simply cannot skip if you wish for any success in booking auditions. Headshots are a crucial part of landing a job. They represent your kid and their talent. On KidsCasting you can upload a number of images and choose your kid’s main headshot. If you don’t have professional headshots of your child, don’t fret: you can learn how to take them yourself.

Pro tip: Because kids change and grow, we highly advise to upload new headshots every 6 months.

How to succeed with KidsCasting2

Optimize your kid’s Comp Card

If you and your child are new to the entertainment industry, you are probably not yet familiar with the ins and outs of the audition process, more precisely, what’s necessary for a successful audition. Did you know that actors and models also need to have certain marketing tools to stand out in this competitive industry? One of the most important ones happens to be a comp card. Not familiar? Don’t fret. Now KidsCasting members can make one right on our website for free!

How to succeed with KidsCasting

Search and submit to auditions

Our casting call database holds over 1500 casting calls at any given time, and that number is growing. This means you have 1500 projects to search through and apply to. We have an easy-to-use browsing tool that will sift out the casting calls you are interested in. You can search by requirements such as the audition discipline, location, age group and more. Find the casting calls you like and start applying!

Network with casting directors and industry professionals

That’s right. Top casting directors and agents use KidsCasting to search for talents for their upcoming productions. You can network with industry professionals privately, answer to their messages and introduce your kid’s profile to them through KidsCasting messaging system. Creating industry contacts is an important part of building your kids performing career and will open many more doors to opportunities. Get discovered and create friendly relations with the right people, and you are off to a good start.

Learn from our video lessons and advice articles

Our Parent Academy is a regularly updated educational section. A place where parents can learn about the entertainment industry and the tools needed to help their kids find success.

Book auditions

If you put the work in, follow our advice and apply to casting calls regularly. The entertainment industry is ever growing and open to all looks, age groups, and ethnicities. Those who try – succeed. Those who try the right way – definitely succeed. Use KidsCasting the right way and your kid will have the resources they need to shake this entertainment boat with a boom.

Now that you know the steps to successfully use KidsCasting, why not start applying to the casting calls available in our database right now? Try and succeed! We believe you can!

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