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What’s your kid’s most special trait?

There’s so much wonder and curiosity in kids. They’re open to life. And as they grow, they reflect to the world the best of what it has shown them. In time, some of these character traits shine brighter than others. What about your kid? What’s your kid’s most special trait?

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Can’t choose? We hear you. There’s no right answer, of course. But understanding how exactly your kid stands out can be super important in the world of entertainment. Whichever option you choose, be sure to foster it in your kid, because an authentic character gets noticed.

In other words, a naturally radiant and positive personality will stand out in an audition, where everyone else is trying to act that way. So whatever it is – the right attitude, smarts, curiosity, good looks – give your kid the confidence to own that trait 100%.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Choose “Other” and let us know what’s your kid’s most special trait below in the comments!

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  • What’s your kid’s most special trait?

    • Positivity
    • Smarts
    • Good looks
    • Natural talent
    • The right attitude
    • Curiosity
    • Other (I’ll tell you in the comments)


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