Do you know how to create the perfect self-tape with your kid?

Self-tapes rock! Whether you’re new to the acting industry or a seasoned veteran, seeing that you can submit a self-tape for an audition is awesome. But do you know how to create the perfect self-tape? 

Take the quiz below! 

A self-tape is one of those things that’s easy to learn, but hard to master. And if you want to be sure your kid stands out, then you need to do your best. Here’s the great news – self-tapes is an incredible way to make sure you do just that. 

And that’s not all.

There are a bunch more of fantastic benefits to self-tapes: 

  • Doing it from the comfort of your own home
  • Being able to perfect your lines and delivery
  • Experimenting and doing as many takes as you like

This means less stress, better quality, and more opportunity to put everything you got on the table. 


Everyone’s thinking the same thing. So expect strong competition. You can’t just film a quick and shaky video on your phone and send it in. Well, you can, but expect no replies from casting directors. 

Creating a superb self-tape that stands out starts with the basics – is the video good quality? Are there background noises? Is the camera angle right? Once the basics are in order, you can let your talented kid shine and dazzle the people who will review the tape. 

Ready for the quiz on how to create the perfect self-tape?

If you’re thinking – “wait, no, not yet”, then don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Check out this video by actor Will Roberts where he breaks down the basics of a good self-tape and gives you some pro tips. 

If you’re confident that you’re ready to create the perfect self-tape, take the quiz below and find out if that’s really the case.

There are 10 questions – let’s see what you got. 

  • Which of these works best as a backdrop?

    • Where your kid feels most comfortable
    • Well-lit, clutter-free background
    • Thematic backdrop
  • What should you do with your camera?

    • Give your kid the camera to film it like a selfie (it’s a self-tape, duh)
    • Act like a director, moving around and changing the angles
    • Keep the camera still, preferably on a tripod
  • Where should your kid be in the frame?

    • In the very center
    • Where-ever they feel most comfortable
    • To the left for dialogues and middle for monologues
  • What should your kid do during the filming of a self-tape?

    • Move around freely
    • Show off some other skills they have, such as dancing
    • Either stand or sit for the whole take
  • What’s OK when it comes to sound?

    • Just my kid’s voice and me reading dialogue lines for them
    • I can encourage them or give them their lines
    • Some light music to set the scene
  • Where should your kid look during filming for FILM/TV?

    • Wherever they want
    • Just a little bit left of the camera
    • Straight into the camera
  • Where should your kid look during filming for COMMERCIALS?

    • Wherever they want
    • Just a little bit left of the camera
    • Straight into the camera
  • How many takes should you do?

    • Make 3 and select the best one
    • As many as are needed to make it perfect
    • 1 is enough – that makes it authentic
  • The script has multiple scenes, what should you do?

    • Do them all in one take
    • Do them separately and then cut and edit them together
    • Do them separately and send them in as multiple files
  • When should you do something unorthodox for the self-tape?

    • When the script specifies it
    • Spontaneously! It will help stand out!
    • Actively think of ways to improve the script to add flavor

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