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The Benefits of Musical Theater Training

Musical theatre is a form of performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. But you don’t have to dream of performing on Broadway to take musical theater training. Why? Because it’s a great way to introduce young actors to a variety of techniques valued immensely in the acting world. Training in musical theater typically covers a variety of performance and production topics and is also a great introduction to stage movement.

Let’s see what benefits musical theater training will give your child!


Acting is a great outlet for creativity. But what really stretches one’s’ creative muscles is acting combined with singing and dancing. So musical theatre training can be a huge advantage for any actor, because it will show something many directors are looking for in their lead: versatility. What versatility gives an actor in the audition room is an advantage if the casting team asks them to sing during the audition. Musical theater training will not guarantee your child to develop incredible singing skills, but it does give a level of technical awareness when singing.


Confidence is all about getting out of your comfort zone. And musical theater training does just that. Whether it’s singing, dancing or both that make your kid a bit nervous, getting over that initial shyness and in the end enjoying the result of rehearsals and training will be worth it. Such experiences will only nudge your kid to try new and exciting activities further along. Plus they’ll be going to auditions with a lot more confidence!

Voice training

Musical theater training includes voice training. That doesn’t necessarily mean your child will develop professional singing skills, but it does mean that they will learn how to use their voice better. This type of training will help your child be more in control of their vocal chords, opening up their vocal instruments, which is a huge advantage when getting cast for voice over projects. Voice training is also a benefit when performing on stage in theater plays.

Dance training

Musical theatre obviously combines song and dance, so dance training is a must. When auditioning for acting projects, dance training can be helpful especially for Disney projects like “Camp Rock”, “High School Musical”, and “Descendants”. Plus musicals are in right now, what with the worldwide success of a 2016 Oscar winner “La La Land”, so productions for film adaptations of musicals are always in the works. So such skills are always in demand!

Stage movement

Mastering stage movement is super important for actors, both on the stage and on set. Musical theater training not only gives your child musical stamina but physical coordination that’s so useful on stage as well. Actors of all ages must have a certain awareness of their bodies and be able to move freely, so that’s a great skill to have if you want to find success in the acting profession.

Musical theater training provides a creative outlet that can’t be beat. It teaches kids not only useful techniques and skills, but encourages them to grow, get out of their shell, and make new friends. Above everything musical theater is super fun, especially for kids!

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