The New Casting Standard: Video Auditions

video auditions for kids

Let’s talk about the current situation with the entertainment industry, how talents & casting directors are adapting, and KidsCasting’s race to create a video call option right in our platform for convenient online auditions! 

It’s no secret that the global pandemic has hit the entertainment industry. 100s of big budget productions are put on hold, and countless smaller projects have likewise stopped in their tracks. It’s a difficult time, but, as you may have noticed by looking at our casting calls, the industry is still trotting along, albeit at a slower pace than last month.

The major change, however, is casting calls going digital. Even where productions have stopped, casting directors continue to seek talent so they’re prepared to come out with a BANG and get straight to work, once the COVID-19 pandemic slows. How are they managing this among nationwide calls for self-isolation and mandatory quarantines? 

Online auditions & self-tapes

Already a popular casting medium prior to the outbreak, online auditions and self-tapes have rapidly grown in popularity and become the new casting standard. Every day we see more and more new Online Audition casting calls added, casting directors editing their existing casting calls to offer remote auditions, and talents showing clear preference for remote work. The industry has been very quick to adapt and so have the young actors & models at its core.

online audition for kids

Video calls through such software as Facetime, Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, Facebook, and others, are becoming increasingly common not just for communicating with friends & family, but for work and hobbies as well. 

Building a Video call feature on KidsCasting

All those different communication methods can get a bit hectic. Each casting director and each talent family will have their own preferred one, and before long you’ll find yourself with 10 different video call apps on your phone. 

We’re fixing that. The KidsCasting team is racing to create a Video call feature right on our platform so you can apply and audition without ever leaving KidsCasting. You won’t have to worry about finding the right app, about scheduling calls on Skype, or about learning new software. 

The good news is that talents will be able to audition and casting directors hold auditions easily and in great quality right here. 

The great news is that the Video call feature is almost here! Our team is already doing live tests and working out the final kinks. 

What does this mean for you?

Go post/apply your kid to online auditions and before soon talents and casting directors will be auditioning from the comfort of their own couch. 

Stay tuned for the Video call feature announcement – it’s coming very soon! 

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