The real story of Brian Martin Jr. who gets into the spotlights

Some parents ask us what’s the best age for kids to get started in modeling. We can tell you for sure that it’s never too early because there’s a huge demand for baby and toddler models. Meet one of them — Brian Martin Jr., a little heartbreaker with an inspiring story, and his mom Kelly.

Brian is one of KidsCasting Featured Kids, congratulations! How long have you been members?

We’ve been KidsCasting members since June 2018.

What do you enjoy most about being KidsCasting members?

Brian is only 2 years old but already has a lot of experience in modeling. How did you decide to get him started in acting and modeling?

I decided to get him in modeling and acting after seeing a post on Facebook advertising the KidsCasting website. After viewing the site and signing Brian Jr. up, things progressed from there.

What has been the most exciting project Brian has been involved in so far?

The most exciting project he’s done is the Peace Music Video. It was so fun and it featured people of all ages. It was in Alabama at this beautiful historical park. Brian Jr. got a chance to meet a lot of new people.

Brian has an amazing portfolio with great headshots. Can you share some tips and tricks that you’ve found helpful for photoshoots?

The most important trick for babies and toddlers is to let them feel comfortable in their surrounding area before pressuring them to take photos.

Make sure they have their favorite toy that way the photography may let them play with the toy for a moment to keep them calm, so that way you’re able to get some amazing shots.

You must not pressure them into doing a photo shoot if they are not willing to participate in it. It’s all about having fun and showing creativity in the work!

You told that Brian was diagnosed with cancer but, luckily, it was caught early. Finding out about his health issues must have been heartbreaking. Can you share one lesson you’ve learned from this experience?

Brian Jr. is an only child. His father and I had been married for 10 years and had been praying for a child so bad. So right after our 10 year anniversary, we found out we were being blessed with our very first child, which turned out to be this amazing little boy who everyone loves.

Shortly after he turned 12 months old the doctors noticed something unusual about him. I’m so glad they caught everything early. He’s doing great as of now. He’s a very adventurous little guy.

What’s the best parenting advice you have received?

Being a parent can sometimes be overwhelming, but it’s up to us parents to teach and show our kids that we are capable of protecting and providing for them at all times.

What’s Brian’s favorite thing in the world at the moment?

He loves seeing himself in magazines and on websites. He gets so excited! Also, anything that has to do with fast cars and loud noise has his full attention.

What’s next for Brian?

At the moment we’re submitting to different TV and print castings. We have 3 more magazines features coming out as well.

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