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Too Late After 3?

Have you ever heard of the best-selling book by Japanese author and co-founder of SONY Corporation Masaru Ibuka? In his book titled “Kindergarten is Too Late” (1971), Ibuka claims that the most significant human learning occurs from birth to 3 years old and suggests ways and means to take advantage of this. The book with an innovative approach to child raising and character formation in infancy consists of 5 parts which are:


KEY TAKEAWAY POINTS: Babies are very smart. They can learn, do and cope with amazing things. And the only thing that can limit their potential are, surprisingly, the parents. Some parents believe that certain things or activities might be too difficult or yet inappropriate for their baby, therefore limiting their child’s development. However, many skills cannot be gained unless they are learned in early childhood. Therefore, if you are dreaming of your child to become an actor or a model one day, or simply want your child to be good at public speaking, have strong emotional intelligence and high self-confidence (skills acting and modeling develops), it’s better to expose your child to the industry now. Ibuka states that infancy is an extremely important period in a person’s life. So if you miss this vital learning period, it will be much more difficult to teach a child those skills later in life. However, if starting early, your child will always be one step ahead of kids who started later on.


KEY TAKEAWAY POINTS: Surrounding matters. If you want your child to become an actor or a model, or simply a successful and creative person, put them in such surroundings now. The entertainment industry is full of highly ambitious and successful people who can teach your child a lot and influence their development in a better way. Ibuka states that in the development of the child, education and surroundings play a larger role than genes and heredity. Remember: impressions from an early childhood determine child’s further behavior and way of thinking.


KEY TAKEAWAY POINTS: Kids need love, care, and for parents to take control and leadership of their development, to grow into successful, well-established adults. People who said their parents were more controlling, but at the same time warm and responsive to their needs tended to be more content well into adulthood. The findings are the culmination of a survey which has tracked more than 50,000 people since their birth in 1964. According to statistics the more you invest in your child’s education the more confident and socially adapt they will grow. Even if you, at times, have to slightly force your child towards that education. For example, if you believe your child has potential in Acting or Modeling (even if your child doesn’t express much interest in this himself) or simply believe such activity will be good for your child’s development, you should take the initiative in your kid trying such activities. Your child will only thank you later.


KEY TAKEAWAY POINTS: Allowing room for self-expression is vital. An eight-month-old baby can already hold on to a pencil. At the same age, the child begins to tear books and toys apart, bringing his mother to despair. For his mom it’s a mess, for him it’s self-expression. But many parents involuntarily suppress their child’s desire for self-expression. They impose their personal views on the child by telling them what to do: “do not throw the paper on the floor” or “do not tear the book”, etc. It’s not too rare that a house with a small child is superbly clean and everything is in complete order. Usually, guests compliment the mother who manages to keep the house tidy as well as look after the child. For the mother it would be a complete shock to find out that her passion for cleanliness hinders the creative development of her child. Solution? Acting or modeling auditions. It can be a big playground for your child, where they can create and self-express. Children’s writer Eric Carle (famous for “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”) believes that acting and theater are one of the best ways to develop confidence and creative potential. However, he sadly states that because the benefits of such activities are not always immediate, the parents who always expect immediate results may get disappointed and withdraw their child from such activities. But benefits come later. Acting allows for self-expression through body language and words, which later forms child’s ability to freely express themselves in relationships with other people whether at work or at home.


KEY TAKEAWAY POINTS: Let your child be better than you. It must be your goal. It has been said it more than once: “Great talents are not born, but they are made”. Even if the abilities and opportunities of parents are limited, their children can achieve tremendous success.

During the first three years of life, the child has the highest potential for learning and development. Use this time wisely. So don’t wait, invest in your child now and start developing their acting or modeling career today!

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