Why You Need KidsCasting?

Before we get started, please answer these questions: checklist

  1. Do you wish your child spent less time on the mobile phone/computer? YES | NO
  2. Do you wish your child had better communication skills? YES | NO
  3. Do you wish your child had an opportunity to express their creativity? YES | NO

If you answered two or more questions with a YES, you need KidsCasting, and here’s why.

  1. Less screen time, more real-life experiences.
  2. Soft skill development.
  3. Creativity boost.

Less screen time, more real-life experiences

Let’s face it — many kids (and adults as well) spend a good portion of their day glued to screens. We’re used to continuous mental stimulation, and there is something oh-so-exciting in the anticipation of a new notification or message. However, many parents, especially those who grew up before the smartphone era, want their kids to be more in touch with the real world. We love modern technology (after all, KidsCasting is an online network); nevertheless, we firmly believe that kids should face the real world through meaningful activities and hobbies. Acting, modeling, singing, and dancing will motivate your child to explore the world around them and form relationships with people who share the same interests. KidsCasting has thousands of amazing casting calls all across the U.S. that can open many doors for your child. Through the auditioning process, your kids will learn to celebrate success and deal with rejection. transferable skills

Soft skill development

There seems to be an outcry from employers that today’s young workers lack many interpersonal skills, also known as soft skills. Many studies confirm that Generation Z (kids born after 1996) is increasingly likely to have significant weaknesses in time management, communication, teamwork, adaptability, problem-solving, critical observation, conflict resolution, and professionalism. We all know how cruel the job market can sometimes be; we also know how our jobs contribute to our overall happiness in life. As parents, it’s always worrying when we can’t help our children. The good news is that as a parent you can nudge your child in a direction that helps them develop all these essential skills that will one day make them strong competitors in the job market. soft skills If you have already started exploring the world of auditioning, you know how important it is to balance work and play, and your child will learn it too. They will learn how to prioritize tasks and create a daily schedule.

Creativity boost

We want to share with you a beautiful quote from one of KidsCasting moms:

In my life, creative activities help me decompress from stress, and are a constant source of joy, inspiration, and excitement. I’d like my son to experience this too.

A child’s creativity is linked to both mental well-being and physical health so it’s extremely important to encourage kids to seek creative outlets. Acting, singing, and dancing help kids express their feelings and eventually build confidence and self-esteem. With KidsCasting, your child will also learn to present themselves in a convincing manner and collaborate with others in exciting productions. Even if your child doesn’t become the next Disney superstar, the time they spend rehearsing for auditions, memorizing song lyrics or practicing dance moves will help them acquire essential life skills and become well-rounded adults. Take your little one by hand and become a KidsCasting member — you will enter a world that you would otherwise never had a chance to explore!

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